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  •  One of the most central locations in the
    city, offering diverse alternatives of
  •  Goodwill and flexibility for the conformation
    of your patrimony
  • Flex area an extra and functional space
    • Spaces ready for connection with devices
    intelligent (home automation)
  • More than 15 amenities with all the essentials
    of current life
  • Security and tranquility in the same place
    s p a z i o 8 8 1 . m x
  • Spazio 881 amenities have been
    carefully designed to solve the
    current post-covid-19 needs such as
    work, entertainment, well-being (mental and
    physical), social and recreation.
  • 2 bedrooms.
  • 2 full bathrooms.
  • Dining room.
  • Flex area – multipurpose space.
  • Balcony*
  • parks
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • supermarkets
  • hospitals
  • schools

Price and availability, as well as terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.